Timeless Fragment
Landscape design with a "point-line-plane" system
project overview
We used a point-line-plane system to guide our design. The point system is at 10-meter intervals that continually reinforce the impression of Potters Park and a system of lines that connect the points together. Finally, it is connected to a surface system to form the overall image of the park.
Aug. - Sep. 2021
2 Months
Rhino, SketchUp, Vray, Indesign, Photoshop
01 Design concept—
Three dimensional concept: point system, line system and plane system
Design System ↓

We use the "point-line-plane" design strategy. We gave the point system different layers according to the terrain and function. Some points are direct and fell upon the earth, some under the cover, others stood high.

02 Design Outcome —
The Tower
We designed a tower. Although time passes, the surrounding buildings are slowly over it. The memory is eternal. People drove past dozens of years later, they could remember there's a tower, and there is Potters Park.

Models and renderings ↓

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