About me
I’m a designer pursuing to bring
delightful experiences to everyone
I strive to make delightful experiences that resonate with their audience by tailoring products to embody the core values they promote. I hope to shape how emerging technologies are being embedded into our lives, while being cognizant of how the diversity of the human experience informs its design.
My secret spices are my strong systematic thinking, my broad range of skillsets and my eye for design. All of those were developed from eight-years training in architecture. Yes, different disciplines in design have different names, but share fundamental philosophy. After spending years solving problems around people, space, and tectonic, I'm excited to bring my design thinking and my aesthetics into the area of people, media, and technology. Although context changed, my passion for bringing delightful experiences to everyone is always the same.
Systems Thinking
Either cities or buildings are massive, interconnected, complicated systems. My background in architecture makes me to understand multifaceted problems from different hierarchy and to identify root cause while holding a comprehensive view.
Design Execution
Having spending the majority of my eight years learning and working in design, I developed an eye for design and a broad range of skillsets in the industry. From 2D drawing to 3D hand crafts, I can quickly prototype and execute concepts with strong design sensibilities. I care about details and I'm motivated to keep pushing my work until it is pixel-perfect.
XFN Collaboration
In my past experience, I've closely worked with multiple stakeholders from different org or fields. Curiosity is the secret weapon to guide me through different conversations. I learned how to  balancing stakeholder needs and work together to approach design solutions that incorporate ideas in business, design, and technology.
When I am not designing, I like painting and
taking pictures with my girlfriend.
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